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Thread: Australian Presidential Election

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    Quote Originally Posted by antichrist View Post
    the only chess players welcome in my abode are those who could give me some bloody good lessons, preferably over 2000 rating - they are all nutcases so must get something decent in return. And you must really must stop upsetting the Establishment and refrain from editing posts, though it could only inprove them
    You have been drinking too much cordial in the other place. We don't edit posts here. Especially not your's. It would be like editing a Renoir or a Vincent van Gogh. Such things are just not done (despite the views of CC trolls).

    Now please answer the question. Did you fall in the toilet and take six months to free yourself. Is that why you stopped posting? Or were you just trying to do everyone a favour, an act of AC generosity?
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    Default Australian Presidential Election

    I heard on the news today, there is an 8 increase in people registering to vote as a Democrat. That # may not look like much but that is good amount. Alot more people are trying to become American citizens just so they can vote in the elections.

    Are you paying more attention to this presidential election than past elections?

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