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Ignoring Bonhams obsession with all things about himself for the moment,
No, the reason this thread exists is your obsession with me. Your hatred of me drives you to continually try to bring me down even though your attempts will always fail because you always have your facts wrong. It also drives you to troll, as per the above, to try to be obnoxious and blame me for what you are doing. All I do is point out the errors in your claims and your poor pattern of online behaviour.

GM Rogers is appointed Captain for the Mens Olympiad team.
Well here we see just how comically inept Inspector Clousgoat really is. Facts totally wrong here - GM Rogers is the captain of the Womens team.

M.Weeks and GM Johansen both apply for the Womens Captain position. There is some sort of confusion with the ACF process and to sort matters out M.Weeks is made Captain and Johansen (with the help of Weeks) is made into coach.
Wrong again, since Manuel is in fact the captain of the Open team. There was no confusion at the ACF's end with the ACF process under which Manuel was appointed captain. It was all conducted in an entirely regular fashion. The confusion on this thread has been entirely yours. However, at a certain stage the ACF was approached with an additional suggestion.

The ACF for the last 4 Olympiads has not subsidised an official ACF coach, but always found money to reimburse Bonham.
Wrong again here. I have only been sent to 2 previous congresses that coincided with Olympiads.

The question has to be asked.
The question is why firegoat cannot get the most basic of factual details straight.

If the ACF can't find any money to subsidise GM Johansen,
This is your assumption. You don't know all relevant facts.

instead preferring to take advantage of third party generosity, then why does it need to fund Bonham given that his role can easily be duplicated by Weeks or Johansen.
Oh. This braindead garbage again. You really are pathetically stupid on this point. It is not possible to coach an Olympiad team or to captain it while spending eight hours a day in meetings that often run at the same time. It has been pointed out again and again that your suggestion is dumb for this reason and yet you keep on making it. I don't know what is wrong with you but it is serious. Get off the internet and get into treatment for your strange obsession with me.