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Were you at the tournament hall Michael? I don't recall seeing you, unless it was the day of the allegro I can't remember.

Regardless, Kasparov complains about someone else while he simultaneously breaks the rules himself. Gets up from the board and rather talking to the arbiter talks to a third party likely in another language, while discussing the strength or his position (by saying I'll win etc). Seems quite hypocritical that in an effort to accuse someone of cheating (which they clearly arn't considering Kasparov was better) he will engage in rule breaking himself.

What is really interesting about this discussion is A) Kasparov has made an accusation based on something. B) Altecman acquaints foreign language discussion and computer cheating as the same morally. C) Altecman often operates DGT boards in Victorian tournaments. D) Altecman claims Kasparovs accusation is false. E) Altecman believes the case is Interesting.

This discussion has legs. There is more going on here then meets the eye. People should not jump to false conclusions on this matter about anybody or the facts. I would suggest the conversation is not limited to this particular case and has wider scope.