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Thread: ACF Code of Ethics

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    Thumbs down ACF Code of Ethics



    The ACF Code of Ethics has been revised. The new version:

    Has been extended to include all Australian events that are registered for FIDE rating, whether those events are held or not. Previously it only covered ACF-title, ACF Grand Prix and ACF-supported events and certain online games.

    Has been extended to apply to those involved in training, trading, arbiting, spectating and supervising at the events that are covered. Previously it only applied in full to players and organisers although some sections referred to other specific officials.

    Has been extended to require that officials must follow the FIDE Competition Rules (if applicable), other relevant FIDE regulations, and relevant ACF by-laws and decisions. Previously it only required organisers follow the FIDE Laws of Chess and the tournament rules and conditions.

    The major reason for this revision is to ensure that the ACF has clear oversight over quality issues in a greater range of significant tournaments in the country, rather than leaving this to state associations. There may in future be further tidying up to remove references to old versions of the Laws of Chess.
    Is this power grab by the ACF really necessary?

    The "major reason" cited is to give oversight over quality issues. What "quality issues" ? I always thought the state associations had done an exemplary job in maintaining high quality events. Its too bad the ACF evidently does not share that view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just2Goldfish View Post
    [FONT=Georgia]The "major reason" cited is to give oversight over quality issues. What "quality issues" ?
    There was a rather large (by this place's feeble standards) thread on one of one of them here not so long ago. But I suspect you have done too many laps of your tank in the meantime to remember that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just2Good View Post
    [FONT=Georgia]Is this power grab by the ACF really necessary?
    This was a top question! It is a pity KB didn't answer the question in a direct manner.
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