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    Crown Arianne Caoili -

    From Leonid Sandler's Newletter

    RIP Arianne Caoili

    Yesterday's tragic news came from the Armenian capital Yerevan: Australian Woman International Master Arianne
    Caoili passed away after being involved in a catastrophic car accident on March 14. She was only 33 years old.

    Arianne was a multi-talented person, she played in seven Chess Olympiads (2000 - 2012), including five times on
    board one.
    I am shocked, stunned, and gutted to hear this news. I knew Arianne when I lived in Queensland and would go down to the Gold Coast for tournaments. She would even help boost my ICC rating sometimes. Her stories and personality were charming, and she was a fantastic person. Kicked my butt many a time at blitz.

    This news is so very sad.

    RIP Arianne Caoili
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